We’ve raised $8M in seed funding to unlock personalized AI video creation

We’ve raised $8M in seed funding to unlock personalized AI video creation

By Alex Mashrabov, co-founder & CEO

I've known for my entire career that AI would democratize creativity, unlocking boundless creative potential and the ability to generate and share new ideas. It's been my life's work.

My first attempt was co-founding AI Factory, a pioneering video AI company that enabled people to create animated versions of themselves. Snap acquired the company in 2020 and appointed me Head of Generative AI, where my team and I built on this foundation, developing a suite of ML-powered products and filters. Among them was MyAI, launched in 2023, which rapidly became the world's second-largest consumer AI chatbot, engaging over 150M users.

At Snap, billions of people experienced ML-powered AR effects within the first week of launch – by having fun with it, sending it to friends, or creating cultural moments. TV shows and celebrities also amplified these moments to be a part of these moments. I know firsthand the impact that AI can have on how we create and consume content.  

Today, I’m excited to introduce Higgsfield AI - a company dedicated to democratizing social media video creation for everyone. 

With our vision, our team, and our proprietary world model, we will bring video AI generation and, eventually, editing, into the mainstream.

We strongly believe that a lack of access, technical knowledge, or resources should not get in the way of bringing content ideas to life. Creativity and connection should be at the fingertips of every creator, whether they are an influencer creating their next viral video, a marketer developing a campaign, or a couple of friends wanting to share something fun and entertaining.

The goal isn’t to replace the incredibly creative work being made by creators but to enhance it. We want everyone to use our tools, wherever they are, to make it easier to bring ideas to life and collaborate. 

Our first step towards this is to release Diffuse - a mobile app that offers an unparalleled level of personalization, creative control, and creative fine-tuning. 

With Diffuse, It’s possible to: 

  1. Create Highly Personalized and Realistic Human Characters: With just a single selfie, Diffuse generates a realistic looking character that looks just like you. Drop in the character into almost any scenario to watch it come to life in new, unexpected and funny ways. Safety is a critical consideration for us and we have built in safeguards to limit inappropriate content. This is an area that we’re regularly improving through user feedback. 

  2. Have Creative Control: Quickly create a video by selecting from a library of presets and a selfie. For original ideas, Diffuse has a built-in Prompt Builder that can take in a combination of text prompts, reference images or videos. This is all powered under the hood by our proprietary video model that allows anyone to create a video that’s truly personalized with incredible specificity. 

  3. Create on Mobile: Diffuse is available on Android and iOS. By focusing on mobile, we’re empowering people to create amazing content, any time and any place. This also removes the obstacle of having a deep level of technical knowledge and allows for our creative tools to get into the hands of the global creator audience. 

To support our vision, we’ve raised $8M in seed funding led by Menlo Ventures with participation from Charge Ventures, Bitkraft Ventures, K5 Tokyo Black, AI Capital Partners (Alpha Intelligence Capital’s U.S.-based fund), DVC and other funds. We’ve also received support from prominent angel investors such as Jack Brody, Nima Khajehnouri, Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Abhay Parasnis, Amar Hanspal, , and many others. 

Diffuse currently uses a preview version of our AI video model but with this seed funding, we’re training our model to be even more controllable and realistic. Here’s a sneak peek:

Just as Adobe and Canva increased the number of people who create digital images by orders of magnitude, Higgsfield will do the same for video creation. 

This is just the beginning of a very long journey, and we’re excited to have you follow along. Diffuse is now available for download in India, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, and Central Asia, and we're gradually rolling it out. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can create with it!  

If you’re feeling inspired by our mission, we’re always on the look out for passionate and talented people to join our team. Our talented team of ML Researchers, Engineers, Designers and Product experts have led global consumer products and content experiences beloved by billions of people. Check out our latest job postings

The foundational video AI model is democratizing social media creation for everyone

The foundational video AI model is democratizing social media creation for everyone

The foundational video AI model is democratizing social media creation for everyone

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