Expanding our reach with Google Cloud

Expanding our reach with Google Cloud

Alex Mashrabov, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Yerzat Dulat, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer

From Vertex AI to Google Cloud Infrastructure, Google is at the forefront of developing robust and innovative solutions for generative AI companies. 

Higgsfield is democratizing social media video creation with AI. With just one selfie, users can create hyper-personalized characters that move naturally and look realistic. And we’re delighted that people around the world are having fun with this content in Diffuse, our consumer app. Launch data shows that 50% of Diffuse users are saving or sharing their personalized videos on social media. 

We require reliable and efficient systems to label and process the massive amount of videos needed to train our proprietary world model. As we experimented with multiple video understanding solutions, Gemini’s output resulted in the highest quality results. This confidence allowed us to feed higher quality data into our model training which in turn, produces higher quality results. 

Processing this dataset requires an extremely reliable pipeline to traffic this huge amount of data. Through Google Cloud Infrastructure, we’ve been able to efficiently scale our use of GPUs so that we are not wasting training cycles. Additionally, by leveraging GCP’s reliable inference solutions, our model’s inference costs are 13x more cost efficient. 

We also recognize a critical need for our model to consistently generate appropriate and safe videos, not just for enterprise customers but for anyone using our app. We are actively collaborating with Google teams to establish standards in AI safety and watermarking to limit the production and distribution of malicious content. 

Today, we’re taking it one step further by announcing that Higgsfield is now a Google Cloud Partner. 

Thanks to this partnership, we unlock the ability for marketing teams and brands to integrate us  into their tech  and production stack. This will help marketing teams around the world to ideate more efficiently, produce more quickly and get their message out to their customers faster than ever. 

“Partnering with Google Cloud allows us to make our AI Video Creation Model accessible to companies around the world. We're excited to get our tech into the hands of more marketers and brands, faster than otherwise possible, while also building trust with our fast growing user base.” - Alex Mashrabov (CEO, Higgsfield)

"Google Cloud is incredibly excited about the possibilities moving forward with Higgsfield. Their innovative AI Video Creation Model has the potential to be transformative, and we're thrilled to be a part of the journey of making it accessible to a wider audience." - Pablo Beramendi (Director, Startups & AI at Google) 

We’re also excited to announce that we’re partnering with a large FinTech company as the first enterprise integration of our Video Generation API. This company is a leader in fun and innovative marketing campaigns that reach a global audience. We’re thrilled they are our first partner to use our tech to create marketing content for social media campaigns. 

We’re looking forward to our partnership with Google and what we’ll do together to bring our creative tools to marketing teams worldwide.  

Join the waitlist for priority access to our more powerful video model. Available Soon. 

The foundational video AI model is democratizing social media creation for everyone

The foundational video AI model is democratizing social media creation for everyone

The foundational video AI model is democratizing social media creation for everyone

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